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Access & log in issues.

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Access & log in issues.

Post  Admin on Thu Dec 08, 2016 2:17 pm

We are changing some features to the forum, this is to ensure that all chat 
about The AA is only discussed with current staff. 

What is changing 
We have noticed that a lot of the sections on the forum were not being used
and have decided to merge a lot of the topics under one section making the
forum cleaner and user friendlier for everyone.

AA Talk will be made more secure, this is to ensure that all ex colleagues will
no longer have access to this part. to gain access to this section again please
send me a PM with the answer to the following question.

What box is the 2nd one down in the middle line when viewing PSNOM - patrol service section Question

We do apologise about the added security but with the recent events concerning The RAC &
Watchdog we feel that we do not want to leave ourselves wide open for anyone finding ammunition to use against US or the company.

If you are having login issues then please E-mail me
with your concern and I will help you asap. 

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Post  Admin on Tue Jan 24, 2017 10:54 pm

If you register WITHOUT a email address which you have access to I can NOT activate your account. If you go to any of the free email providers you can set one up use gmail outlook hotmail etc... ONCE again you NEED to register with a email address so you can have access to the forum you need to be able to access a email account I CAN NOT ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT WITHOUT ONE. 

Non of your details will ever be provided to anyone trust me I will close the forum down before that ever happens. 

Any questions feel free to email me direct aapatrol@outlook.com


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